PFMA Electrical Seminar Speaker - Joe Pavia

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  • Fault Current Calculations & Overcurrent Protective Device Basics – Provides an understanding of fuses and circuit breakers fault (short circuit) current ratings versus operating current ratings.  It graphically shows what happens when you misapply fuses and circuit breakers or violate NEC 110-9.  Participants will also learn how to calculate short circuit current using point-to-point method and the Bussmann phone application.  Will provide a better understanding of major sources of short-circuit current and the importance of overcurrent protection ratings.

  • Joe Pavia is a Field Application Engineer with Eaton’s Bussmann Business. He has been with Eaton (Cooper Bussmann and Eaton Bussmann) for over 28 years and specializes in training on the design and application of overcurrent protective devices and equipment in electrical distribution systems in accordance with the National Electrical Code® and equipment in accordance with the various product standards. He is a register Professional Engineer for several States, serves on the UL508C / UL61800-5-1 STP, alternate on the NEC CMP-11 and an active member in IEEE, IAEI, and NFPA organizations.