Motor Repair/Rebuilding

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Paul Mater
414-483-8600, Fax: 414-483-8644
5000 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53207
AC/DC Motor-Generator Repair/Rewind. DC Crane Repair, Industrial Pumps- Circuit Breaker Repair/Testing, Gear Box Repair, P.C. Board Repair. 24/7/365. Pick-up & Delivery.
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Thomas Leunig
800-962-4851, Fax: 800-365-3113
9800 W Tower Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53224
Helwig Carbon Products manufactures carbon graphite brushes, brush holders, and bearing protection kits for electric motors and gearmotors. Made in Milwaukee since 1928. We also make mechanical carbon components for pumps, bushings, bearings, and vanes.
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Keith Wojahn
920-922-9200, Fax: 920-922-9235
N5527 Miranda Way, Fond du Lac, WI 54937
Sales and service of electric motors, frequency drives, pumps, gearmotors, ventilating fans, machine shop, vibration services, laser alignment, on-site technician services, and much more. EASA Accredited