Shaft Grounding

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Ken Wegrzyn
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VFD-driven motors are at risk of bearing damage! VFDs induce voltages on the shafts of the motors they control -- voltages that can discharge through bearings, leading to early failure. Test: The AEGIS* Shaft Voltage Tester(TM) is used to check in-service motors for damaging shaft voltages. Protect: AEGIS Bearing Protection Rings prevent damage by channeling VFD-induced discharges safely to ground. Buy a new motor with AEGIS pre-installed or retro-fit your existing motor.
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Helwig Carbon manufactures a full range of carbon brushes for a variety of industries including electric motor repair, power generation, aviation, steel, mining, paper, plastics, printing, and more. In addition, check out our proven technology for shaft grounding to protect motor bearings. USA Made for over 90 Years.